The AMUCHMA is the AMU commission (founded in 1986) whose main purpose is to promote the history of mathematics in Africa. This document will attempt to present the objectives of AMUCHMA, the main activities it has carried out since its creation and the prospects for the next three years.

The A.M.U. Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa (AMUCHMA), formed in 1986, has the following objectives:

This newsletter attempts to record, on one hand, information on all the activities of history of mathematics taking place on the African Continent and on the other hand, information on all the activities of history of mathematics taking place at the outside the African continent but concerning the African mathematical traditions.
More than thirty issues appeared during the period 1986-2013. The numbers appeared in three languages (English, French and Arabic), during the first years. In recent years only the French and English versions have continued to be published. These publications took place on paper
The English versions are also published on digital media. Thus, all the issues published in English can be consulted at the following address:

Some issues of the newsletter have been devoted to specific topics:

i) Mathematics in African History and Cultures, An Annotated Bibliography (Ahmed DJEBBAR &Paulus GERDES)
French edition: Union Mathématique Africaine, Commission Africaine d’Histoire des Mathématiques (AMUCHMA) ; U.F.R. de Mathématiques, Université des Sciences et des Technologies de Lille,2007.
English editions: First edition: African Mathematical Union, Cape Town, South Africa, 2004; second edition: Lulu Editeur, 2007

ii) History of Mathematics in Africa, AMUCHMA 25 years (Ahmed DJEBBAR &Paulus GERDES)

i) Publication of the AMUCHMA newsletter
ii) Special issues publications

An issue on theses produced by Africans on the history of mathematics and on education is in preparation. The date initially scheduled for its release is June 2020. The circumstances of the pandemic have delayed this release; it will take place during the first half of 2021.

Three events were planned in the initial project of AMUCHMA activities: